NCSA and CDB team up for drug awareness campaign


The Caribbean Development Bank (CBD) has signaled its commitment to continue its work with the National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA), as it continues to disseminate drug education messages to young people across the country.

This from the director of the projects department, Daniel Best, who was speaking at the time at a ceremony last Thursday before accepting a poster from the NCSA, the poster was part of a Bee Drug Free Art and Poetry Contest held last year.

“For us, the people of the Caribbean region are at the center of everything we do. Young people are the people of tomorrow on which this region will depend, and it is therefore in all of our interests to nourish them in the best possible way in order to secure the future of the Caribbean peoples.

“We are therefore indebted to institutions such as the National Council for the Fight against Drug Addiction, which have devoted their energies to fostering positive behavior among our young people. We recognize and applaud your mission to promote sustained action for positive change in the fight against drug addiction and in the facilitation of drug education, prevention and drug-free lifestyles, ”he noted. .

He explained that the Bank has taken a comprehensive systems approach that addresses risk factors such as lack of education and unemployment that predispose young people to illegal drug use.

These interventions support youth in targeted communities through literacy and numeracy programs, skills development training, adaptive life skills training, and education on the dangers of illegal drug use.

The sponsorship of the CDB for the framing of some of the 62 posters received from the competition is not the first contribution to the ANRC.

The association between the two institutions dates back to 2013 when the Bank contributed for the first time to the sponsorship of the SOFT – Safeguarding Our Future Today project.

“We are happy to continue the association with this recent initiative of the Arts and Writing competition -” Be Drug-Free “.

“We appreciate the gesture of sharing one of the posters with us and will position it in our aftercare service to reinforce the expectations of the children of CBD staff for them. CDB is a child friendly institution and we welcome the opportunity to extend our corporate responsibility to child friendly activities, ”he said.

In her remarks, NCSA director Betty Hunte praised the CBD for staying true to its corporate responsibility, noting that the NCSA remains concerned about the activities of young people, especially now that many are left unattended.

She praised the bank for putting measures in place to make it easier for employees with young children to be at home and supervise their children, which she said is a step in the right direction.

“As you said, CDB has been with us since 2013, and you will be surprised that in 2021, the fruits have been realized. We have just completed a nearly 12 week online course, nightly parenting sessions for people who have attended the camp joined by teachers and I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that we even have participants from the region who heard about the program and stayed remotely with us every week, ”she said.

She also applauded SignUp Inc.’s work in framing the posters which she said was perfectly and professionally done.

Adrian Headley, Director of Production / Sales at SignUP Inc, who was on hand for the unveiling, revealed it was the first time the company had done this type of work and said they were overwhelmed with the skills and the ideas of young people about being “Drug Free.” (RP)

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