General Description

Methaqualone (Quaalude) is a hypnotic and sedative  medication. In the United States it is sold under the trade name Quaalude, while in the Great Britain and South Africa the drug holds the name Mandrax. Its use reached the peak in the early 1970s, when the drug was popular as a hypnotic to treat insomnia, as a muscle relaxant and as a sedative. Along with that, methaqualone (Quaalude) gained popularity among hippies and visitors of glam rock clubs and discos in the 1970s.

Chemically, the substance belongs to the quinazolinone class. Acting as a depressant, it increases the activity of the so called GABA receptors within a human brain and the nervous system. The increase of the GABA activity leads to the drop of the blood pressure and slowing down of both breathing and heart rate. As a result, a person experiences deep relaxation. This is namely why people initially used to buy methaqualone (Quaalude) as a remedy for insomnia.

Other Brand Names

Since its entrance to the pharmaceutical market, the substance in question was sold under a range of different trade names including Quaalude, Cateudil, Sopor, Sovinal, Somnafac, Revonal, Motolon, Isonox, Optimil, Normi-Nox, Parest etc. The most known names within the USA are Parest and Sopor.


Methaqualone produces a wide range of effects which, at lower doses (70 to 300mg), include euphoria, light sedation and sleep, Higher doses (over 300mg) can cause unconsciousness or even seizures. The pronounced effect is achieved due to the fact that the substance is easily absorbed from the human gastrointestinal tract; afterwards, it is distributed with the blood plasma in the liver, body fat and tissues of the brain. People who buy methaqualone for recreational use often practice forcing themselves to stay awake while under the drug action pretending it provides a dissociative high. Users usually say they strive to buy methaqualone online because of some positive effects they can experience like a sense of well-being, higher pain threshold, loss of inhibition, lower muscle coordination, numbness or tingling throughout the body, calmness, relaxation, increased self-confidence, sexual arousal etc.


In most cases, people want to buy methaqualone (Quaalude) online in tablets for oral use. Depending on an individual, a daily dosage can vary from 75mg to 300mg. Reportedly, a usual dosage for recreational purposes is about 300mg. However, users should be aware of the fact that the drug tolerance can develop very quickly. For this reason, to achieve the same effect, seasonal users sometimes may take 1,000mg or even 2,000mg a day. A dose of 8,000mg a day can be fatal. Even a 2,000mg dose can be lethal, especially when taken with alcohol.

Once a tablet ingested, methaqualone’s action starts in about 20 – 45 minutes. The effect usually lasts for 4 to 8 hours, with higher doses lasting longer than low ones.

Potential users should know that this substance is extremely addictive. Within 2-3 days of repeated use of the drug, a person may acquire tolerance to its sedative and hypnotic effects. It is only within 3 to 7 days that the tolerance can drop by half, and it may take up to two weeks to return it to the initial level.

Side effects

Prior to order methaqualone (Quaalude), be aware of side effects you can expect, including nausea, vomiting, hangover, stomach pain, sweating, hives, loss of appetite and fast heart beat.

Methaqualone is strictly prohibited to pregnant women.

People looking how to buy methaqualone or where to buy methaqualone should know thus drug is no longer manufactured legally and is prohibited in most countries.