How to properly: How to use Chatgpt properly ?

March 21, 2024

ChatGPT is a real revolution in the world of IT. Artificial intelligence is actually causing an uproar on the internet and more and more people are now using it for specific tasks. But, it is clear that many people do not know how to use this tool to get the most out of it. Especially for a beginner, there are a few specific approaches to using Chatgpt and achieving your goals effectively. This article tells you more.

Be as clear as possible in your requests to use Chatgpt properly

Chatgpt is a tool based on artificial intelligence and which has been trained on a set of predefined data, which allows it to provide responses close to those of humans. The tool can thus take care of several tasks, and to do this, you only have to launch queries regarding your needs. You can also discover some chat gpt tips and tricks for beginners. But, to achieve the best results with Chatgpt, you must know how to use it properly. First of all, you must learn to formulate clear and concise requests. And for this, there are a set of arrangements that you must take.

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Start defining your needs. You must clearly identify what you want to obtain from ChatGPT. The tool can indeed support the generation of a text, the translation of a sentence and can also answer questions. But, it is important that you clarify your intention from the start to be able to guide it. Also try to use simple language. Technical jargon and complex terms can confuse Chatgpt, if not well trained on them. So opt for clear and precise language that is easily understandable.

To use Chatgpt well, however, you must be as precise as possible. Then provide as much information as possible to contextualize your query. The details make it possible to reduce the presence of bias in the results provided by the tool. And to make it simpler, it is often advisable to structure your query. Divide your queries into small, short, distinct questions to better help the tool. If possible, use concrete examples to better guide Chatgpt through concrete illustrations.

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Give personalized instructions to the tool

Do you want to configure Chatgpt so that it can answer your questions more precisely? It's possible. You can indeed send specific instructions to the tool to improve its responses. To do this, simply navigate to the bottom of the screen, then click on “Custom Instructions”.

This feature allows you to section your query to allow the tool to better understand you. Chatgpt asks you questions to better understand:

  • Your language level;
  • Level of study;
  • Occupation ;
  • Center of interest, etc.

You can also indicate how you want the tool to respond to you. Specify, among other things, the tone, level of detail and rendering format.

Learn how to improve chatGPT

Chatgpt uses machine learning to define the answers to provide to its users and continually improve. Everyone can contribute to its improvement. You can start by asking them to improve the quality of the answers provided to you. The tool has memory, which allows it to consider its old answers to satisfy its users.

With the advanced data analysis function, you can also get the robot to work on your documents (Word, PDF, Excel, etc. This allows you to obtain summaries and translations of documents. You can even entrust it with your images, while asking for specific advice, why not for the layout or your personal clothing. All this information will be implemented by Chatgpt which can use it for its future responses.