Drivers Arrested for Escape with Multiple Convictions and Having Illegal Drugs in Vehicle During DPS Driver’s License Test – WTAW


A Bryan man who has four escape-arrest convictions and is awaiting trial in a fifth case is being arrested for escape again. A Bryan police officer who saw a car not signaling before a turn followed the car for nearly half a mile before stopping. According to the arrest report, the driver said he wanted to take the car to his girlfriend because he knew he had arrest warrants and was going to jail. Joshua Lewis, 27, who was incarcerated Monday in the Brazos County Jail, remained in custody Wednesday in lieu of bond totaling $20,000.

A Dallas woman who drove to Bryan’s DPS station to let her fiancé use his vehicle for a driving test ends up in Brazos County Jail for drug trafficking. According to the DPS arrest report, the DPS employee who did the test smelled marijuana during the ride. After this was confirmed by a soldier, the person who took the test contacted her fiancé. The soldier discovered during a search what is believed to be THC oil, ecstasy and marijuana buds. Lynette Sanders, 45, who said the drugs were hers, was released from jail after posting bonds totaling $8,000 for felony possession of controlled substances.

Photos by (LR) Joshua Lewis and Lynette Sanders from
Photos by (LR) Joshua Lewis and Lynette Sanders from

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