Young people from the village of Gadum sous Mebo organize a drug awareness program


PASIGHAT (by Maksam Tayeng) In a bid to combat the growing threat of drugs in rural villages due to ignorance and low literacy, the youths of Gadum village under Namsing circle of Mebo sub-division here in the district of East Siang organized a 1st awareness program aimed at spreading the harmful effects of drug abuse/addiction.

The drug awareness program was attended by Gongkom Tayeng, Vice President of BJP East Siang District Unit as the main guest and Dr. Oson Borang, Nodal Officer of Drug Rehabilitation Center (Rehabilitation Center ), Pasighat as the guest of honor who was also attended by PRI leaders and Gaon Burahs from nearby villages.

While speaking on this occasion, Gongkom Tayeng and Dr. Oson Borang appreciated the noble effort initiated by the youths of the Gadum team led by Nalo Pao, Youth President and Ojing Regon, Youth Secretary, as a Awareness was needed in this region due to the increasing number of cases. young people falling prey to drug addiction at an alarming rate.

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Gongkom Tayeng, a rising and well-known youth figure lately in the political arena of the Mebo Assembly constituency, said he is closely associated with the senior leadership of the state, heavily criticized for keeping young people alert and aware of not falling prey to drug addiction which is becoming a passion and style among today’s youth.

Tayeng advised the educated youths to be more active and alert to protect their fellow youths in the village who are less educated and ignorant by advising and organizing a sensitization program from time to time to sensitize them about the harmful effects of drug addiction which not only ruins the lives of young people, but it also ruins the whole society.

He assured the youths of his enterprise and support in tackling the threat of drugs under Mebo sub-division and also advised the youths in Gadum village to keep up the spirit of awareness to save the youths from drug addiction.

While Dr. Oson Borang was a nodal worker at the drug addiction rehabilitation center, Pasighat spoke at length about the side effects of drug addiction and how difficult it was to get back to normal after a youngster became addicted. He shared his experience of treating young drug addicts at Pasighat Rehabilitation Center and how drug addiction ruins the life of a young person and his family members. Dr Borang urged all young people to stay away from drug addiction at all costs.


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