Treating drug addiction like a chronic disease, according to the head of government review


“For most people who take hard and serious drugs, there is a story,” she said. “We would be so much better off treating people with addictions as having a chronic illness, giving them parity with someone who has another chronic illness.

“Let’s say I had diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. It is a chronic disease. I will have relapses and remissions. To me that is what serious drug addiction is. getting the right treatment and recovery in place, there will be less serious crime. There will be a much more stable society. “

She told the podcast that alcohol was “just as dangerous” as drugs, adding, “If you look at the number of deaths it causes and the actual damage it does, it’s another drug.”

Following its first report, the government pledged to invest £ 5million in additional funds to tackle drug trafficking in the counties. The report described underfunded treatment services and increased drug use. He also found that many issues have resulted from reduced funding and local commissioning practices since 2012.

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