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“Other countries facing drug problems know that only a holistic approach can succeed, that is, prevention, drug control, prosecution and, most important of all, rehabilitation”

The Philippine National Police reported that in the nearly five months since the new administration took office, only 46 people have been killed in the campaign against illegal drugs and seizure less than 10 billion pesos worth of illegal drugs, mostly shabu.

PNP leader Rodolfo Azurin Jr. compared this to the number of illegal drug-related killings during the first five months of the Duterte administration when, Santa Banana, thousands were killed!

This was so because everyone involved in the illicit drug trade, including drug addicts and addicts, had been the target of Dueterte’s war on illicit drugs.

At that time it was estimated, my gulay, that there were about 7 to 8 million drug users and addicts in the whole country!

According to the PNP, the number of drug users and addicts, mostly from poor sectors, has fallen to some 5 to 6 million nationwide. But, it’s still a lot.

Almost daily, we read reports of bust-buying operations by the police and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Where do they come from ? I only have one guess. They are either smuggled through customs or manufactured in some clandestine laboratories like the one discovered in Ayala Alabang.

Personally, if you ask me about Duterte’s “war” on illegal drugs, it was a total failure despite this culture of impunity that accompanied it for six years, with the mandate “kill, kill, kill” from Duterte to the police.

First, Santa Banana, Duterte launched his ‘war’ on illegal drugs with one thing in mind, ‘kill, kill, kill’ – unaware that countries with the same problem saw the failure of any campaign against illegal drugs by simply killing those involved in illegal drugs.

Other countries facing drug problems know that only with a holistic approach can they succeed, that is, prevention, drug control, prosecution and, most importantly, all, rehabilitation.

Why is rehabilitation the most important aspect of any campaign against illegal drugs?

This is the case, since the prevalence of illegal drugs is a matter of supply and demand: as long as there is a demand for illegal drugs, cartels and syndicates will always be there to meet the demand.

In our case in the Philippines, since illegal drugs in the world are a multi-billion dollar industry, there are always cartels and syndicates that will meet the demand.

And knowing how corrupt customs are, smuggling illegal drugs, like shabu, is an easy task through customs.

It is for this reason that in my previous column on illicit drugs, I have always stressed the need for the country to build fully staffed and community-based rehabilitation centers, my gulay!

Why Community? Because drug addicts and addicts need family support.

I just thought it would do President Marcos Jr. good to build drug addiction centers nationwide to minimize the problem of illegal drugs.

This may well be BBM’s legacy from his six-year tenure. It may not completely eliminate the illicit drug problem, but it could solve 50% of it.

• • •

When President Marcos Jr. took office five months ago, he spoke of the need to “downsize” the bureaucracy.

And he got support because there were government agencies that became redundant because of surpluses.

One government agency that has served its purpose, but has become useless is the Presidential Commission on Good Government, which was created by President Cory to go after the alleged hidden and ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses and their cronies.

If we analyze what the PCGG has done throughout the years, what they have recovered cannot be compared to what the PCGG has spent all this time, chasing after the so-called ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses and their sidekicks.

In fact, if the Audit Commission examines the PCGG sufficiently, it will find many anomalies committed by the commissioners of the PCGG.

They receive double compensation contrary to the law because, in addition to their salaries, they are also paid as PCGG candidates in about 30 sequestered companies, the ownership of which has so far not been resolved because they are still pending. before the courts.

Also, what the PCGG is supposed to do may very well be taken over by the Department of Justice. After all, nearly every case brought to court by the PCGG against the Marcoses and their cronies has been dismissed.

Another government body that has become totally irrelevant and obsolete with the advancement of communication and information technology is the Movies and Television Review and Classification Board, a creation of President Marcos Sr.

With just the swipe of a finger, we can access any movie that is being shown around the world on our television screens.

Santa Banana, film and television networks around the world already have their own ratings and ratings.

Take for example HBO and Netflix, can the MTRCB still give them ratings and ratings when they have already rated and rated their movies?

In other words, the MTRCB has become useless, but is no more than a simple dumping ground for political proteges.

When it comes to locally produced films and locally produced programs, I’m sure local networks are responsible enough to do their own ratings and ratings.

My gulay, the MTRCB is not only useless but tends to overstate its own rating and classification.

I am against news programs being classified and rated.

It’s stupid when the news should be seen by everyone. While news and feature stories are rated and rated, we may also rate newspaper and radio news.

These are only the two government agencies that should be abolished, although I can name others.

Mr President, when discussing the need to resize the bureaucracy, one can well start with the PCGG and the MTRCB.

• • •

Unbelievable. Stranger than fiction.

These are only the words I can muster to describe what happened in the “stronghold” of suspended Bureau of Corrections Chief Gerald Bantag.

But, Santa Banana, they happen, as BuCor acting head Gregorio Catapang discovered.

The best example of this “believe it or not” is the digging in the New Bilibid prison area near Bantag’s residence which is supposed to be for Bantag and his friends – a 9 story deep pool where Bantag, a avid diver, and his friends are said to frolic in what is said to be the deepest swimming pool in the country.

But, according to Secretary Remulla, Bantag’s excavations were actually aimed at digging for Yamashita’s hidden treasure.

Catapang also believes a tunnel is being built by Bantag as a possible escape route for NBP inmates – for what purpose, we can only guess.

Meanwhile, Bantag would attend the upcoming preliminary investigation into the murder of broadcaster Percy Lapid and “intermediary” Cristito Jun” Villamor Palana.


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