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Police have released additional details of the death of a 9-day-old baby to Page reported earlier this week.

The child’s mother, Jessica Seiser, 33, and babysitter, Nancy Bell, 40, were arrested on Monday on suspicion of child abuse.

Bell brought the baby to Page’s hospital shortly after 10 a.m. Friday, according to a probable cause statement filed in Page’s court. Officials described the infant, who was pronounced dead in hospital, as “severely neglected” and malnourished in the statement.

Initially, Bell allegedly told officers that she found the baby near a bathroom in Lone Rock, Utah. However, she later confessed that she was caring for the baby for her mother, Seiser, according to police.

Bell told investigators that Seiser had the baby in her car on April 27 because “it would be known that she was using drugs during her pregnancy” if she had the baby in the hospital, the report details. She asked Bell to take care of the baby for her as Bell was already breastfeeding her own baby and had “clean milk”. Bell agreed and cared for the two babies while living in her car.

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Bell, however, told police that Seiser’s baby was difficult to feed because the child was not latching on while breastfeeding and showed signs of drug addiction.

Bell was staying in a parking lot with the two babies when she noticed Seiser’s baby’s condition was becoming “severe”, prompting her to take the child to the hospital.

Seiser later admitted to being the baby’s mother to police, according to the probable cause statement, and that she gave the baby to Bell because she “didn’t want to have an attachment” to the child. She added that she did not consult a doctor before or after the birth because she did not want any connection with her baby, according to court records.

Both women were taken to the Page Detention Center on Monday and have yet to be formally charged in Coconino County Superior Court.

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