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Harare Police have mounted a crime awareness campaign against youth drug addiction, saying they will not hesitate to arrest all drug traffickers as part of an effective drive to curb the scourge.

Police have recently stepped up their crackdown on drug traffickers and syndicates across the country by setting up elite teams to lead the operation. Weeding out suppliers, where heavy prison sentences are handed down by the courts, is seen as key to weeding out temptations, while awareness campaigns can dry up demand by showing the harm the drugs do to their users.

A team of officers led by the Officer Commanding Harare Suburban District Chief Superintendent Raudzi Tshuma visited parts of the city yesterday and conducted campaigns.

“This campaign demonstrates our commitment to ending drug and substance abuse. Our determination as ZRP Harare Suburban is to enhance the cooperation of all stakeholders towards the realization of a drug and addiction free society.

“Let me hasten to say that we have various drug control legislations that show the highest level of commitment to taming vice,” said Chief Superintendent Tshuma.

Some of the laws aimed at combating drug and substance abuse include the Dangerous Drugs Act and the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act.

Chief Superintendent Tshuma said drug addiction was a growing public health and safety issue in Zimbabwe, particularly in Harare.

Increases in violent crimes, unintentional injuries, motor vehicle accidents, multiple medical complications, as well as psychological and mental health complications, were linked to drug and substance abuse, she said. declared.

“Drug abuse has continued to cost the precious lives of our people, and that includes able-bodied men and women with the potential to lead national development. The initiation of children as young as nine years old into drug and substance abuse resulting in juvenile suicides is also of concern.

“We have had reports of children happily juicing and fermenting grains such as Corn and Wheat Cerevita, Movite and Cornflakes into illegal and highly intoxicating brews. As if that weren’t enough, boys and girls also abuse sex-enhancing drugs.

Among the drugs commonly used by young people are mutoriro, cough syrups, all taken in the name of so-called “good character”.

There are also traditional drugs such as illegal marijuana or mbanje and the abuse of legal cigarettes and alcohol.

Chief Superintendent Tshuma said community support remains extremely important in the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and acceptance of drug abusers.

“Be that messenger who provides evidence-based information about the negative socio-economic effects of drug addiction to bring about much-needed behavior change,” she said.

“Let me repeat to you that as police officers, we will not hesitate to fearlessly arrest or favor all drug dealers in order to effectively kill the drug supply.

Indeed, controlling drug abuse among young people is unthinkable and totally unachievable if the supply remains.

“May I also implore the community to thwart the common but cancerous practice of bribery by some rowdy police and the public. It is also the watering can of drug trafficking and it must be fought indiscriminately.

All drug dealers and drug lords have been put on notice.

The crackdown on drug traffickers and unions began last year, with several peddlers arrested and their bases destroyed in raids focused on Mbare, Chitungwiza, Mabvuku, Epworth, Dzivarasekwa, Glen Norah, Mufakose, South View and Highfields.


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