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Nicola Little, 46, took a combination of drugs, including Spice and high levels of methadone, and was poisoned. The mother-of-six was found dead at her hostel in Hull, where she had struggled with addiction for years.

However, Nicola had studied law at university and worked in Hull City Council’s legal department for years before his life was ruined by addiction.

Her mother had seen Nicola the day before she died – in April last year – and said she was “really happy” but the woman was found dead hours later.

Toxicology results revealed that Nicola had taken a significant amount of spice and methadone, as well as smaller amounts of cocaine and illicit painkillers, reports Hull Live.

Her inquest this week heard that Nicola, who had also worked as a housing worker, had suffered numerous traumas throughout her life, including the loss of a child at birth and being diagnosed with a rare blood condition.

In a statement read out at the inquest in Hull, Nicola’s mother said: “Nicola has a brother who she has remained very close to. She was always sporty when she was younger and loved football, going to matches with her father and brother. Our relationship was strong but it could be difficult as she struggled with drugs.

“Nicola raised her children very well. She became interested in law and worked as a paralegal for five or six years before the firm closed. She then studied law at the University of Hull, but she also worked and was raising three children at the time and was unable to complete her course.

“She worked in the legal department of Hull City Council for about 12 years. But she was sick a lot, then she started taking more drugs and she eventually had to quit.

“I gave her money, but when I realized it was drugs and not the main thing, I quit. It’s only been in the last four years or so that she had a big problem with drugs and she just couldn’t get rid of it.”

Recalling the last day Nicola’s mum saw her daughter, she said: “She was looking really, really good, the best I’ve seen her in a while. She seemed to be really trying to get back on her feet. on the right track and was really happy.

“Nicola was overconfident but she loved her children and they loved her. She would do anything for anyone. She was smart, hardworking and very pretty. Nicola was such a loving person.”

The toxicology report flagged concerns over the use of the highly toxic chemical drug Spice, warning that its effects were “unpredictable” due to the variety of chemicals found which are not subject to any regulations.

Area coroner Lorraine Harris concluded Nicola’s death was “drug-related” and issued a warning about the dangers of Spice.

She said: “I think Nicola was a smart woman who worked hard to support her family. But she had a history of drug addiction.

“I see no evidence of suicide intent, but those who try to cleanse themselves may find that the drugs they take become more toxic. I also consider issues with Spice, which is a synthetic cannabinoid that can be very dangerous.

“I offer my very sincere condolences to Nicola’s family. It is obvious to me how much she was loved surrounded by a large family with whom she had a good relationship.

“She not only loved her only children, but also her nephews and nieces.

“It’s a tragic end to the young life of a warm, intelligent and hardworking woman who struggled with drug addiction.”


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