Khatter & Vij will monitor the rise and eradicate drug addiction in Haryana


Drug trafficking as well as the rapid increase in drug addiction among the young, old and even women residing in urban and rural areas of Haryana is a matter of concern to the state government and the minister Chief Manohar Lal Khatter and Home and Health Minister Anil Vij have now decided to jointly monitor this fast growing problem to make Haryana a drug free state. About a year ago, the state government formed the State Narcotics Control Bureau to control the smuggling and sale of drugs, especially among young people, but satisfactory results could not be obtained. Khatter and Vij have now decided to undertake the monitoring themselves.

The information reveals that a meeting comprising officers from as many as 17 state government departments, including education, excise and taxation, agriculture, medicine, higher education, forestry , Drug Control, Forensic Laboratories, Prisons, CID, Law and Police took place in Chandigarh chaired by the Chief Minister to consider this burning issue when a state action plan was also constituted by the Chief Minister and the Minister of Interior and Health. Khatter said the state government is very serious in this regard and further strengthens the Narcotics Control Bureau to deal with the situation strictly and take tough action against drug traffickers as well as drug suppliers. ‘State.

The Chief Minister said that the state government introduced the Bulldozer scheme in the state in which the illegal properties of a large number of drug dealers in the state, hard-core criminals and gangsters had been demolished to eradicate crime. He said the government will now take tough action against these criminals playing with the lives of the young generation involved in criminal activities under the influence of drugs. Vij said that as part of the state action plan, the government will strengthen the Narcotics Control Bureau network in the state with the addition of new IPS officers, 29 Scorpio vehicles, 33 Pulsar bicycles already handed over and useful software to eliminate the trafficking of drugs and supplies in the state.

The Chief Minister said as many as 84 people between the ages of 18 and 35 are believed to have died in Haryana state due to drug overdose in the less than a year. He said the Bulldozer campaign was launched in the state some time ago, in which illegal residential and commercial properties of a large number of drug dealers, gangsters and hard-line criminals were demolished in the help of bulldozers in different parts of Haryana State which has yielded good results. and many criminals went underground and the decision was made to seize or demolish the properties of all drug traffickers and suppliers in the state, in addition to imprisoning them according to law. The Chief Minister said that the State Narcotics Control Bureau had been able to seize and destroy huge stocks of drugs over the past few months. He said that complaints had been received regarding the availability of drugs in a few drug treatment centers in the state and that it had been decided that the district social officers would oversee the operation and visit these drug treatment centers and take strict measures. against irregularities.

Head of the State Narcotics Control Bureau, Shrikant Jaghav said 2584 mission teams have been trained in 7590 villages in Haryana state to collect data on drug addicts in rural areas, at the exception of 635 teams made up of 10 people each. will collect similar data in each service apart from 190 teams deployed in primary health centers, 44 tams at sub-division level to collect data from people suffering from drug addiction.


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