Impact of illegal drugs from the Mexican border on Ohio?


Raymond A. Grogan

Raymond A. Grogan is the Marion County District Attorney.

Everyone can see that we have a problem on our southern border.

Drugs are pouring into our communities at an alarming rate and although many people are rushing to the TV to talk about the seriousness of the situation, it is communities like mine that have to deal with it every day.

Recently, US Customs and Border Protection had more than 234,000 encounters with individuals on the southern border – 234,000 people. In a month. The previous month, it was more than 222,000 meetings.

After:Moreno: Unsecured southern border invites trouble, including ‘terrorist’ drug cartels

It’s not just people crossing our border; the border is also a conduit for an overwhelming amount of illegal drugs.

A 2021 briefing note from the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission found that “


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