Illegal P4-B Drugs Seized in Central Visayas in Duterte’s War on Drugs 2016-2022 – Manila Bulletin


CEBU CITY – The Regional Police Office (PRO)-Central Visayas (Region 7) has seized more than 4 billion pesos worth of illegal drugs over the past six years as part of the administration’s war on drugs Duterte.

PRO 7 reported that from July 1, 2016 to June 26, 2022, 4.1 billion pesos of shabu were confiscated as part of the intensified campaign against illicit drugs. During the period, 55,547 drug personalities were arrested in the 40,227 operations that were carried out.

The operations resulted in the confiscation of 614,216.29 grams of shabu with a standard price of 4,176,670,772 pula. The confiscated marijuana weighed 2,373,839.93 grams and was worth 284,860,791.60 pesos, PRO 7 said.

“Effective policing strategies have been implemented as part of the police force’s desire to serve and protect the people of Central Visayas,” the police brigadier said. General Roque Eduardo Vega, head of PRO 7.

Also under the Duterte administration, the annual crime trend of reported criminal incidents in the region showed a downward trend.

PRO 7 said that a significant improvement in the situation of peace and order in the Central Visayas has been recorded with a notable decrease of 22% per year.

Property crime, the most prevalent crime in the region, has seen a significant decline from 2016 to June 2022 with a 25% drop per year.

Internal cleansing was also intensified under the Duterte administration, with PRO 7 administering disciplinary measures and penalties to police officers involved in illegal activities.

During the period, 90 offending officers were fired, 28 were demoted and 217 were suspended.

“PRO 7 has sworn to go after wrongdoing police officers as part of the PNP’s internal cleansing program which aimed to produce a professional, dedicated and disciplined police force,” Vega said.




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