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Hotel guest arrested in Makati for drug trafficking

A man was arrested by police after being caught red-handed using illegal drugs while checking into a hotel in Barangay Bangkal, Makati City on Friday, October 21.

The suspect was identified as Antonio Chua, 36 and a resident of the city of Pasay.

According to the police report, the supervisor of the hotel where Chua was staying went to the Bangkal Police Substation to report that the suspect was having an alleged potty session in his hotel room. The station then dispatched its agents to verify the supervisor’s report in which they caught Chua holding a glass canister with traces of alleged shabu and a plastic bag.

Upon verification, police confirmed that Chua was indeed using shabu and that the items they saw on her bed were drug paraphernalia.

While inspecting the suspect’s room, officers also recovered four additional sachets of shabu, two improvised water pipes, a glass tube and a lighter.

The evidence recovered has an estimated total weight of 6.4 grams and a drug market value of P43,520.00 which was turned over to the Southern Police District (SPD) Forensic Unit for analysis qualitative and quantitative.

Complaints for violation of Art. II Sections 11 and 12 of RA 9165 (Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act) will be filed against Chua.

“We are very grateful for the cooperation of the public, which helps us in accomplishing our mission. We will continue the fight against illegal drugs and work to create a safer Metro Manila South,” said SPD Director Police Brig. said General Kirby John Brion Kraft.




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