Hosted drug awareness to ensure prevention of future addictions


This was the message of an awareness campaign organized by the Nhlosenhle Drug and Substance Abuse Treatment Agency (NDSATA) on April 27 on Thami Mnyele Drive, Thembisa.

Through their awareness campaign, NDSATA has made a commitment to devote more resources to the implementation of substance abuse prevention. The NDSATA project focuses on the well-being of Thembisa neighborhoods, disadvantaged citizens and schools.

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Its objective is to fight drug addiction and drug addiction, which are becoming more and more frequent among young people. The programs offered include prevention services, early intervention services and aftercare services.

Mlungisi, Dr Mkhwanazi, one of the founders, said that in poorer urban areas, the number of young people using drugs and alcohol has increased.

“It is painful to see young people taking drugs and substances. NDSATA was created to combat this. From our research, NDSATA has found that most of the users need help as they are now out of the system. “They have to be put back into the system. Most of the users are school dropouts, others are unemployed graduates. One of the reasons they use drugs is unemployment. “I was born in Thembisa and our community has many young people who smoke nyaope, which has destroyed many families, relationships and our youth. “Seeing your brother beaten up for stealing to get his hands on Nyaope is painful. It inspired me to be part of this organization to bring change and help our younger brothers and sisters, ”Mkhwanazi said.

“Before the drug addiction and drug addiction project, I was one of the founders of an agricultural project that operated for two years in Thembisa district 4, where around 150 households were employed in the project. “Sharing my skills and knowledge with NDSATA is a great opportunity because the agency focuses on helping young people, which I am passionate about.
“Covid-19 has affected many households in Thembisa and unemployment has increased. As a result, some households began to abuse alcohol. NDSATA helped with food packages during the level four lockdown in May and June. More than 500 households have been helped with food parcels.

The organization has launched programs to tackle teenage pregnancy, crime, gender-based violence and bullying. For more information visit the website.

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