Historic initiative taken to liberate Haryana from the threat of drug addiction: CM


Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said on Sunday that the Haryana State Narcotics Control Bureau (HSNCB) has prepared a state action plan with the cooperation and public participation from all departments to eliminate drugs and drug trade from society and implement concerted action and collective effort.

Khattar, on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, released a brochure publicizing the drug free campaign action plan as part of a program organized by HSNCB in Harsh Vardhan Auditorium, Madhuban Police Academy in Karnal.

With this, Haryana has become the first state in the country to launch such an action plan, he added.

The Chief Minister said that in addition to development like roads and infrastructure, development of the society and the people who live there is also needed. “Drug addiction is a broad term in itself and it has many meanings. The intoxication of power, the intoxication of good deeds, the intoxication of wealth and the intoxication of devotion to God… drug consumption is the worst addiction that disturbs the balance of the person and his development stops,” he said.

He added: “It empties the individual as well as the family. The problem of drug addiction is not limited to its use but extends to national and international borders. Stopping him is a challenge, however, but with effort, anything becomes possible.

The Chief Minister said that now the government, NGOs and all members of society will fight drugs together. “This Bureau initiative would be unique for the health promotion and rehabilitation of young drug users. The plan includes identifying and rehabilitating drug addicts by giving them proper counseling and medical treatment,” he said.

He said 1,100 sports nurseries are being established across the state to keep young people away from drugs and connect them with creative work, especially sports. “By promoting sports, Haryana is going to become a sports hub in the country. Along with the economic point of view, Haryana is also moving towards self-sufficiency in sports,” he said while sharing that there is a plan to create a park or vyayamshala on two acres from village to village, in which 1,000 coaches and yoga teachers will be recruited and this program will be implemented in 6,000 villages in the state. Along with sports, education is also emphasized in the state and young people are motivated to join the library, he said.

The Chief Minister said that to make the state drug-free, under the said action plan, the Dhakad program has been launched in schools, colleges and universities. “The meaning of Dhakad is a brave person… A group of five children from a class will be formed, who will identify lazy, lonely and stealthy drug addicts and inform the class teacher, who is Senior Dhakad, who after having received the information, will report to the manager or manager concerned who will be called Nodal Dhakad,” he said.

He said that for the implementation and supervision of this program, mission teams at state, district, sub-division, cluster and village or ward levels will work for the council, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts.


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