Dubai police seize 436kg of illegal drugs smuggled from beans shipment


Dubai police seized 436 kg of illegal drugs hidden in a shipment of white beans belonging to an international drug trafficking ring

The General Narcotics Department of the Dubai Police received a tip about a gang of drug dealers attempting to smuggle drugs in 280 packing bags (5.6 tons) filled with a mixture of natural and plastic beans stuffed with narcotics.

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Within seven hours, police had tarred a drug den screaming at the crime gang and arrested six culprits

Dubai Police said that after receiving the tip, they formed an investigation team which closely monitored the suspects and located the warehouse where the drugs were stored.

They raided the lair of the drug gangs, arrested the six culprits red-handed and extracted 436 kg of toxins from the legumes. Narcotics ready for shipment to a neighboring country.

Dubai police said some members of the gang live in the emirate and others live abroad.

The type and value of the drugs were not disclosed.

“We will seize every opportunity to safeguard local, regional and international safety and security in coordination and cooperation with our international counterparts,” Dubai Police said in a statement. “We will protect communities from drug trafficking and disrupt all attempts by criminals.”

“We believe that the exchange of information and expertise in security in drug trafficking cases with other police services has contributed significantly to the increase in the number of drug seizures in recent years. .”

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