Dubai police seize 436 kg of illegal drugs hidden in a shipment of beans


Dubai police have seized 436 kg of illegal drugs hidden in a shipment of pulses belonging to an international drug trafficking network.

Six members of the gang were arrested in the operation, which officials described as “exceptional”.

The force said the General Narcotics Department of the Dubai Police had received a tip regarding criminals attempting to smuggle drugs into the United Arab Emirates.

He alerted the force to the presence of tons of illegal substances that had arrived in the cargo and stored in a warehouse.

Dubai police said some members of the gang live in the emirate and others live abroad.

The suspects were placed under surveillance and the warehouse where the drugs were stored was located.

When police raided the depot, they found the drugs hidden in 280 packing bags.

The force said these were filled with a mixture of natural and plastic beans stuffed with narcotics.

Dubai police said they were ready to be shipped to a neighboring country.

The type and value of the drugs were not disclosed.

Officials described their actions as ‘one of the exceptional operations the force carried out’ as the inspection of the warehouse ‘required highly trained security and the deployment of a K9 unit to discover narcotics stuffed into food in plastic”.

Updated: October 26, 2022, 2:05 p.m.


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