Drug Awareness Exhibit Begins


An exhibition aimed at raising awareness about drug addiction was launched yesterday at the Mall of Qatar as part of the celebration of the International Day Against Drug Addiction and Illicit Trafficking.
Officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoI) and the General Authority for Customs (GAC) were present on the occasion.
The exhibit was opened by GAC Chairman HE Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Jamal and Director General of Drug Enforcement (MoI) Brigadier Ahmed Khalifa al-Kuwari.
The exhibition will run until July 2 with the participation of a number of government and civil agencies working in the area of ​​drug control and community outreach.
This year’s celebration of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is themed “Addressing drug-related challenges in health and humanitarian crises,” the Home Office tweeted.
The exhibition hosts awareness pavilions from a number of state institutions and departments of the Ministry of Interior, to present awareness messages on the scourge of drugs and its dangers to the individual and the society.
The GAC is participating in the exhibition through its pavilion with a number of outreach activities related to the event, where samples of seized narcotics were displayed to inform visitors about their types and their harmful impact on people. and society.
The pavilion also includes photos of the most important seizures made by customs authorities.
HE al-Jamal said that the GAC plays an important role in the field of drug control, a complementary and essential role to the role played by other relevant authorities in the country. to and from the State, whether it concerns the movement of goods or people by land, air and sea, or subsequent operations, and the inspection and verification of passengers and goods,” he said.
“The GAC is constantly working to develop its capabilities in the fight against smuggling operations by selecting the best human cadres and developing their skills by qualifying them with training courses and equipping the points of sale with modern inspection devices, which can help to detect and control these forbidden and harmful. materials,” he added.

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