Drug addiction kills another life in Amritsar: The Tribune India


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Amritsar, May 2

Drug addiction extinguished another life in the holy city. A 40-year-old man is believed to have died due to the threat in Kale Ghanupur area here on Monday. It was the third drug-related death in the family.

The incident caused great resentment in the region, as locals alleged that the change in the ruling regime had not changed anything on the ground level regarding this rampant drug addiction.

The victim was even infected with HIV due to the alleged syringe sharing for drug use. Police took the deceased’s body into custody and sent it for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. They said investigations were ongoing and appropriate action would be taken.

Family members of the deceased wishing not to be named said the victim fell into the death trap of drug addiction around three years ago. He used to use drugs in addition to smack and heroin. Previously, her father and brother had also lost their lives due to drug use.

“We tried to convince him to avoid drugs, but to no avail. He started taking intravenous injections to get high instantly,” they said, adding that his habit also led to the HIV infection. Today when we tried to wake him up in the morning he didn’t respond. He apparently died at midnight. It was also learned that he was arrested by the police with narcotics and sentenced to five years in prison. He had just been released from prison.

Grim situation in the border belt

  • Close to the international border with Pakistan, endemic drug addiction has taken on alarming proportions in the holy city. Successive governments claim to eradicate the problem by taking “severe” measures, but the situation remains grim on the ground.
  • Rattan Singh Randhawa, a farmer leader and resident of the region, pointed out that people voted for change in hopes of sincere efforts to end the threat. Nonetheless, the current waiver has failed to take concrete action so far, he said.

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