Danao vows to run after cops involved in drug dealing


The officer in charge of the PNP, Lt. Gen. Vicente Danao Jr, yesterday vowed to chase after errant police officers and send them to jail if they do not stop acting as protectors of the illegal drug syndicates operating in the country.

“Some don’t want to stop…until now. I would like to address this to the uniformed men of the Philippine National Police… If you don’t want to change, I will change your life,” Danao said, without naming names, during the flag-raising ceremony at Camp Crame. .

He said his warning was not “psychic warfare”.

“If you’re not in cahoots everything will be fine but if you are (involved) I’ll use the full force of the law to prosecute you. To those who don’t stop, I’m not kidding.

Take note of that,” he also said.

Danao suggested that police supporting illegal drug syndicates could end up dead if they refuse to stop their illegal activities.

“You cannot take your money to your graves. You will not be able to use this (money)…

Some refuse to quit even though they already have a lot of money. How much money do you need? How many truckloads of money do you want? You can’t take this to your own graves, ladies and gentlemen. So, I ask you to put a total stop to this threat of illegal drugs,” Danao said.

At a press briefing later in the day, Danao said the involvement of police officers in drug trafficking has not yet been validated.

“Some are still implicated despite it being unvalidated reports,” he said, adding, “But like I said, I just want to give a fair warning to everyone not to This is for all members (of the PNP), generals down to the lowest rank (patrol) and NUP (plainclothes personnel).


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