Chinese-British national charged with drug trafficking


A Chinese-British national faces life in prison after being extradited from Thailand to Melbourne in connection with illegal drug trafficking to Australia.

Chung Chak Lee appeared in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court yesterday afternoon where he was charged with conspiracy to traffic in a commercial quantity of a controlled drug which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The 66-year-old was initially arrested by Thai authorities at his Bangkok apartment in October 2020.

The Australian Federal Police believe he is a senior official of an international organized crime syndicate, charged with conspiracy to smuggle illegal drugs into Australia.

The dual national allegedly took part in a conspiracy to traffic five separate quantities of methamphetamine totaling 40 kilograms over several months in 2012.

AFP Deputy Commissioner Krissy Barrett said his extradition was part of a long investigation into a prolific transnational organized crime syndicate.

“The extradition of an individual who we believe is high on the pecking order of this serious criminal syndicate is an important step for AFP. It shows that AFP and its partners are keeping their forward by working tirelessly to keep our community safe.



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