8 foreigners allegedly involved in illicit drugs arrested in Makati, Las Piñas


The Bureau of Immigration (BI) revealed on Tuesday the arrest of eight foreign nationals suspected of being involved in major drug trafficking operations in the country.

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said the aliens were apprehended on Friday during operations carried out by BI Fugitive Search Unit (FSU) agents in the towns of Las Piñas and Makati in coordination with the National Bureau of Investigation Special Action Unit (NBI-SAU).

Among those arrested were two Yemeni nationals, identified as brothers Ayesh Hazem Faiz Kadaf and Ayesh Hamzah Faiz Kadaf.

The two were arrested inside their residence in Las Piñas City along with Mohamoud Mouhoumed Mohamed, a Djiboutian national, who was caught in possession of dangerous drugs.

In a separate operation, the BI team arrested Sudanese nationals Mohamed Alfaith Mohamed Saeed Osman, Eltayeb Ahmed Subahi Faris and Angolan Ciel Do Carmo Miguel Domingos who were also found in possession of illegal drugs at their street residence Gen. Luna, Poblacion, Makati City.

Sri Lankan Mohamed Silmy Sahabdeen and Kyrgyz national Anara Ruslanova were also arrested during the operation, who were also arrested in possession of illicit drugs.

The arrest of the said foreign nationals was carried out pursuant to the mission orders authorizing the officers to proceed with the arrest of the foreign nationals due to their alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

He added that all foreigners have already overstayed in the country, which is sufficient grounds for the IB to detain and deport them.

However, Morente noted that they should be criminally charged and prosecuted and, if found guilty, they will first have to serve their sentence before they can be deported.

“We will not tolerate any foreign national destroying our communities by selling illegal drugs,” Morente said. “We are working closely with other government agencies to ensure these criminals are deported and blacklisted from our country,” Morente said.

The eight foreigners are currently being held at the BI guard’s premises at Bagong Diwa camp in Taguig town, pending their criminal trial and the conduct of deportation proceedings.


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