5,000 schoolchildren receive training in animal protection and drug abuse prevention


More than 5,000 schoolchildren from the municipality of La Vila Joiosa received training on animal protection and drug addiction prevention organized by the local police.

The training program which ended on Wednesday July 14 was aimed at raising awareness of the need to protect local wildlife, as well as warning children about the dangers of drug and substance abuse.

Sessions were held in 14 different locations with over 34 lectures and training sessions covering everything from animal care to identifying and helping drug addicts get help.

The K-9 unit’s information exchange gave insight into issues such as hygienic and sanitary care of the animal, walking the dog down the street (with a leash and a bag to pick up excrement), the identification of pets for the effectiveness of the work of the police and the treatment of animals during their care.

They also received basic skills in animal care and training, as they understood protocols for dealing with animals and proper coexistence.

Drug addiction and substance abuse were also covered, with students being made aware of the dangers involved and the legal consequences that can result from the consumption, possession or trafficking of narcotics.

The Mayor of Public Security of Vila Joiosa, Isabel Perona, said: “These informative interviews, carried out with the collaboration of the educational community of Vila Joiosa, are an excellent tool to bring the work of the police closer to the youth sector so that are aware of the policing functions performed by the K-9 unit.

“It is a prevention project designed to last over time, because from year to year new generations appear with the risk of living with drugs in a natural way.”

She added that she wanted the kids to understand, “It’s not that easy to live with drugs.”

She went on to say that it was also important for young people to understand how the police and the canine unit operated, as it was key to preventing crime and anti-social behavior.

She ended by saying that dogs were a wonderful way to convey messages about animal welfare and drug abuse prevention.

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