5 Ways to Help a Loved One on Their Addiction Recovery Journey


Everyone goes through difficult times, but that is not enough of a reason to use drugs as 11% of Nigeria’s young population currently do. As much as the state of the country pushes young adults into depression, taking drugs for escape or for eccentric purposes is counterproductive.

Illegal drugs and substances expose users to health complications like cancer, mental health issues, lung or heart disease, and long-term death. Initially, young adults engage in these activities for fun due to peer pressure and a desire to fit in, but it quickly becomes a serious case of addiction.

When a person becomes dependent on a drug or substance to go about their daily lives, they clearly have an addiction problem. Unfortunately, drug addiction ravages both children and young adults. Here are five ways to help a loved one on their journey to recovery from addiction.

  1. No harassing and blaming

Once an addict has decided to quit using drugs, you don’t need to make them feel any more guilty than they already do. Build trust and constantly remind them that illicit substances can be completely avoided.

  1. inquire

To help someone recover from addiction, you must first educate yourself about what they are facing, their triggers, and their recovery process. Understanding all of this will ensure that you don’t activate their habits or falsely criticize them.

  1. Encourage them to get professional help

Until you are staff trained in substance abuse issues, you are not in the best position to give them expert advice. Seeking professional help ensures that they get a proper diagnosis of their situation and the care necessary for their recovery.

  1. Make sure they are in a healthy environment

Being around other addicts while trying to overcome addiction does not help the recovery process. To avoid a relapse, make sure he stays in a healthy environment, free from anything that might trigger his desire to use substances.

  1. Provide financial assistance with care

While trying to help them financially, it is easy to unknowingly fund their acquisition of more drugs, allowing them to continue abusing substances. If you must provide financial assistance to a drug addict, do so with caution. You can pay the source directly for things or make sure they provide a receipt for what was purchased if you need to hand over the funds to them in person.

Drug addiction ruins lives if not brought under control early. That is why MTN Foundationthrough its Anti-Substance Abuse Program (ASAP), has implemented activities to educate young people about substance abuse in an illuminating and participatory way.

The fight for a drug-free society is everyone’s fight and no one should be left behind. You can be part of the MTN ASAP Advocacy Walk taking place on June 25, 2022 in Abuja and Lagos.


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