Two drug dealers arrested, thousands of fentanyl pills seized in Yavapai County on Monday and Tuesday – KAFF News – Flagstaff


Yavapai County Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking were busy Monday and Tuesday after detectives received information about multiple suspects with large amounts of drugs in the county. Detectives were first tipped off that 39-year-old Becky Comstock of Chino Valley was allegedly involved in a fentanyl sale in the area. On Monday, Comstock was traveling near Dewey when his vehicle was stopped and searched by YCSO K-9 units. K-9 sniffed the air and found 200 fentanyl pills, two grams of methamphetamine and one gram of heroin in his vehicle. She has since been sentenced to Yavapai County Jail on multiple drug charges. The following day, PANT detectives were made aware of Robert Steven Haines, 67, of Prescott, who was a possible fentanyl supplier in the city. Prescott Police K-9 units were deployed to perform an aerial sniff of Haines’ vehicle. They found nearly three thousand fentanyl pills. Haines has since been taken into custody. In April alone, YCSO K-9 units located nearly one pound of cocaine, twelve pounds of methamphetamine, and more than 100,000 fentanyl pills passing through Yavapai County, with an end destination somewhere in the United States. . PANT and other law enforcement agencies seized a total of 103,000 fentanyl pills, with two major drug dealers on the streets of Arizona.


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