Piggery helps young people escape drug addiction


Thabiso Madalane (23) is busy feeding some of the 71 pigs that belong to his grandmother, Nomzamo Lobi.

The owner of Zinceba Piggery, Poultry and Vegetables Farming, Nomzamo Lobi, from New Payne in Mthatha, is willing to take street youth from her neighborhood to work in her pigsty, so they can avoid the temptation to use drugs . .

Lobi said she owns 71 pigs, including piglets, so she always calls on street people to help her clean structures used by her pigs.

“By doing this, I want to show them that they could do something else instead of spending their time destroying their lives.

“Also, when they work for me, I make sure to give money to their parents so they can buy something to eat.

“My wish is to see them working full-time in my barn so they can start a new life,” Lobi said.

She said she started the business in 2019 when her whole family was unemployed.

As a mother, she decided to do something to put food on the table. She started by selling chickens and then bought piglets. According to her, she also taught her children how to do this type of farming.

Lobi said she mainly sells the pigs to the slaughterhouse.

She added that although she tried her best, she spent most of her money buying feed for her pigs. Nor does it have a proper structure.

Lobi said that most of the time people don’t know that this is a big business and she wants young people to be able to join too so they can take care of their families.

Her grandson, Thabiso Madalane (23), said he learned a lot about it and was ready to follow in his grandmother’s footsteps.

“I even know how to assist the pig when it wants to give birth because our grandmother taught us that,” Madalane said.


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