More than four tonnes of illegal drugs confiscated in 2021


Authorities confiscated more than four tons of illegal drugs of all kinds and arrested more than 10,000 suspects including 362 foreigners last year, according to a report released by the Third Anti-Drug Campaign Committee.

Deputy director of the anti-drug department, In Song, told The Post on January 2 that based on the report, police investigated 6,242 drug cases and arrested 13,765 people, including 802 women. The detainees included 362 foreigners of 13 different nationalities, including 45 women.

The illegal drugs seized amounted to four tons and 435 kg. This included 228.51 grams of marijuana; 52,214 dried marijuana plants; and one tonne and 163 kg of unidentified chemicals.

Police also seized 124 cars and 1,647 motorcycles; 5,853 mobile phones; 336 scales; 41 pistols and 42 rifles; and some money. Nine bank accounts had their funds frozen and asset forfeiture proceedings were initiated against them in court.

Am Sam Ath, deputy director of rights group Licadho, said figures on drug-related activity were concerning and demanded that the government spend more time and resources in cracking down on those involved in trafficking. drug.

“Drugs destroy human resources. [The government] must crack down and curb the influx of drugs from outside the country while disrupting the production and distribution of drugs inside the country with strict sanctions to eliminate drug trafficking, ”he said. declared.

Meas Sovann, president of the Drug Addict Relief Association of Cambodia (DARAC), praised authorities for cracking down on drug-addicted offenders and removing illegal drugs from the streets. He also urged the police to strictly enforce the law against offenders and to seek out the criminal drug traffickers who are the main sources of the problem.

“It is important that when the police hit the right targets when arresting suspects. Most of the time, stopping drug addicts and low level offenders will not eliminate the drug problem in Cambodia. They have to stop the traffickers who are behind the importation and production in order to get the best results, ”he said.


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