Luxembourg finds more illegal drugs crossing borders


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Border authorities in the Grand Duchy seized more illegal drugs last year, with the volume of potentially deadly heroin increasing by a third compared to 2020, the Luxembourg Customs and Excise Agency (ADA) reported.

About 540 grams of heroin were confiscated by the ADA in 2021, nearly 34% more than the previous year. Customs officers also found nearly 32,000g of hashish last year, compared to nearly 143g of compressed and processed cannabis substance confiscated in 2020.

The ADA has also added new illegal substances to their record keeping, adding GHB, also known as the date rape drug, to its new report. Officers confiscated 6,000ml of the depressant, which can be fatal if consumed with alcohol or not dosed accurately, in 2021.

Just over 18.6 kg of ketamine, a drug that had not been listed in 2020, was also seized by Luxembourg authorities. The anesthetic is consumed recreationally due to its trance effect and is usually taken at parties.

Tests of drugs on sale in Luxembourg and across the EU have shown that the percentage of cocaine or heroin in substances sold on the street is much lower than it was a decade ago.

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