Luther police arrest two for possession of illegal drugs


A traffic stop turns into drug dealing and it’s a crime that the Metro Police Department says is on the rise. Luther’s police crack down, hoping to stop drug crimes before they escalate.

It happened around 4 p.m. Saturday, when an officer stopped a vehicle for an improper signal.

Inside, he found Sean Grant and Candice Torres with over 8 grams of methamphetamine and over 50 grams of marijuana.

“We’re really trying to hit home on the CDS,” said Luther Chief of Police Johnny Leafty. “Since January 2020, we’ve had 83 arrests for CDS alone.”

Grant was arrested for driving under suspension, possession of marijuana and Torres for possession of methamphetamine, hydrocodone and public intoxication. Police say it’s a pattern they see more often.

“It leads to property crimes, violent crimes, leads to other crimes,” Leafty said. “We’re really proactive about that, it’s something we really pay a lot of attention to.”

The ministry says it carries out on average between 90 and 95 roadside checks per month. Of those, officers give around 40-45 citations, and the majority are drug arrests.

“I think part of it has to do with the economy,” Leafty said. “Every time the economy slows down, we’ve noticed a lot more property crime, a lot more CDS.”

The police told me that Grant also had drug and robbery warrants in Oklahoma County. Investigators say it is important to crack down on drug cases.

“It led to bigger things,” Leafty says. “Including one case of trafficking.”

Both Grant and Torres were incarcerated in Lincoln County Jail.


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