Illegal drugs and stolen weapons found in car before suspect was found in tree


Update March 31, 2022 330pm

A Greenbrier man climbed a tree Wednesday to evade Saline County Sheriff’s Deputies (SCSO). The SCSO released a statement on Thursday afternoon with more details about the incident and the arrest of James Aaron Ballew, 36.

In the early afternoon of March 30, 2022, a deputy responded to a call from dispatch saying there was a reckless driver at the corner of W. Sardis Road and N. Sardis Road. The deputy said he observed two people in the vehicle as it ran to the stop sign and turned left while using the right turn signal.

The deputy lost sight of the vehicle and then saw it again in a driveway on Hogue Road with its hazard lights flashing. The deputy approached the vehicle and asked where the other person had been in the vehicle. The driver said the passenger escaped by jumping the property fence and running. While speaking with the driver, the deputy found two stolen firearms in the vehicle, along with suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Deputies then found the second suspect in the woods and began pursuing him when they heard two gunshots. The suspect was found hiding in a tree and was taken into custody by deputies. It was determined that an off-duty Little Rock officer fired two shots at the suspect. The officer said he believed the suspect had a gun pointed at him. The shots missed the suspect and were never located. The Little Rock Police Department is investigating their officer who discharged his firearm.

The suspect was transported to the Saline County Detention Center and booked for Simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, 2 counts of robbery per reception, possession of drug paraphernalia, flight on foot and possession of a firearm by certain persons.



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