Halloween candy containing illegal drugs can be purchased online in seconds


The candy is readily available online in amounts that could cause serious illness, as police warn parents to keep tabs on what their children are eating this Halloween.

THC candy sachets are colorful and friendly

Sweets containing the active ingredient in cannabis can be purchased online with just a few clicks.

Sparkling gum and candy bars with THC are available for free on the web, raising concerns that the colorfully wrapped treats will be appealing to kids this Halloween.

Without having to venture onto the darknet, Brits can get their hands on the drug-filled snacks for just a few pounds.

No age verification is required before purchasing the candy, meaning young people armed with a credit card and a sense of adventure can place an order.

THC treats can be dangerous if consumed in too much quantity, with one teenager hospitalized after eating them this summer.

They can easily be purchased online

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One site boasts of selling the “best marijuana edibles of 2020” while listing baby pacifier-shaped jelly bags.

They contain 150 mg of THC.

According to a US legal seller of cannabis edibles, a dose of 100 mg of THC is “highly likely to impair coordination and impair perception.”

It also warns that it can cause a rapid heartbeat and nausea.

Another site sells candy, including “blue foot blasts, strawberries, candy colas, buzzing peaches, and tart watermelons.”

Another site sells “on the go” lollipop packs that each contain 180 mg of THC.

A Sneakers bar named after Snickers is described as a “cannabis infused chocolate bar with nougat, caramel and peanuts.”

Most don’t require age verification to purchase

A Manchester mom shared how she found candy in her 14-year-old son’s bedroom.

“At first glance, I thought they were Haribo and they had the little bear on them, but when I looked well I saw that they actually said Baribo, then I since there was a little sticker saying THC, “she told The Sun.

She added, “It’s so scary.

“I’m very angry with him because he has a five year old sister and if she had found these in her room she could have eaten them.”

It comes after parents were warned to be vigilant this Halloween about bags of candy that actually contain cannabis.

Rochdale Police have urged people to be wary of what their children consume when they go out for a ride or treatment.

There are reportedly several types of medicated candy, Manchester Evening News reported.

“It could have serious consequences for any young or child who might consume it,” police said of the packages.

“Please keep an eye on Halloween to see what your kids are consuming. “

A respondent at the police station said, “These packages all over Rochdale lol. I’ve seen them before.”

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