FIR against Majithia is not about chitta or drug addiction in Punjab


“The Punjab government is committed to completely eradicating the drug threat. Severe action is taken against drug trafficking. This was claimed in an advertisement from the Punjab government with a photo of CM Charanjit Singh Channi a day after senior SAD official Bikram Singh Majithia was sentenced under NDPS law.

While the political narrative in the Punjab was about the implication of the link between the police and the politicians in aiding the smuggling of narcotics, mainly heroin, into the Punjab through the international border with Pakistan, the FIR against Majithia describes a nexus involved in sourcing raw materials to manufacture ICE holiday drugs to be smuggled into Canada.

The FIR talks about a link that provided the Punjab with a substance called pseudoephedrine, which is used in the manufacture of ICE which is not a popular drug in the Punjab. The drugs were intended for trafficking in Canada, Punjab police sources said. Interestingly, the FIR nowhere mentions the chitta sold and consumed in the Punjab.

When asked why this FIR only focused on smuggling pseudoephedrine into Canada and made no mention of the drug problem in Punjab, Navkiran Singh, lawyer representing Lawyers for Human Rights International, whose petition regarding the problem Punjab drug finds mention in FIR against Majithia, said, “This is only a first step and the investigation may also lead to other drug trade in Punjab. ”

The FIR, for its part, reads as follows: “Statement of the accused Maninder Singh Aulakh in the FIR 56 case dated 15.05.2013 Police PS Banur reads as follows:” … in 2009, this Satvir Singh introduced me to Parminder Singh @ Pindi uncle, an NRI based in Canada, who asked me to introduce him to a person from the medicine line to enable the export of veterinary drugs for dogs… I introduced him to Jagjit Singh Chahal, who had a pharmaceutical factory named Montek Pharma. Uncle Pindi mentioned a medicine (dawai) which Jagjit Singh Chahal requested formulated. Later, Uncle Pindi told me that he told Jagjit Singh Chahal that the formula and contract for Rs 60 lakh had been made and that a second contract of Rs 70 lakh had been made… the sample of a shipment of 50 kg of Pseudoephedrine had not passed. The sample was rechecked by Jagjit Singh Chahal and it subsequently failed, part of the money from the second transaction was returned to Uncle Pindi. In October 2010 he visited me with Jagdish Singh Bhola Pehalwan and asked me to return the remaining amount to Laddi… I adjusted the remaining amount by 10 lakh against the money owed to him by Satpreet Singh Satta .

He further adds: “It is argued that the statements of the interviewees indicate that some of those involved in these offenses reside abroad, part of the drug shipment was transported abroad and funds were also allegedly received abroad. Therefore, a thorough investigation of the case would necessarily require technical and financial expertise as well as an adequate capacity of the investigative agency to conduct certain aspects of the investigation abroad.

Focus on illegal mining
This Punjab Police submission to the FIR also indicates that the future course of the investigation is aimed at illegal sand mining in the state and what kind of alleged role Majithia might have had.

FIR adds, “Jagjit Singh Chahal (who owned a pharmaceutical factory named Montek Pharma) said Bikram Singh Majithia was involved in sand mining with Maninder Singh Aulakh @ Bittu Aulakh and Bonny Amarpal Ajnala, (former) Ajnala MP. Whereas Maninder Singh Aulakh @ Bittu Aulakh stated that Bikram Singh Majithia was involved in sand mining with Kanwarjit Singh @ Rosy Barkandi (sitting MP) resident of Muktsar. while being a minister in the Punjab government from 2007 is a significant issue and needs to be verified by investigation. Therefore, from the point
In view of the present investigation, it is necessary to examine the relationship between the funds related to the alleged sand mining company and the funds allegedly received by Bikram Singh Majithia, Maninder Singh Aulakh @Bittu Aulakh and others involved. in drug-related offenses.

However, so far, there is no indication in the FIR that the investigation could tilt towards the state’s drug problems.


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