CM Mann leads drug awareness bike rally in Sangrur


Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann led a drug awareness bike rally on Sunday and said his government was working on several plans to eradicate drugs from society.

More than 15,000 cyclists took part in the rally, according to the government.

Addressing the rally after pointing it out, the Chief Minister said, “Sangrur is the land of revolutionaries and today the people of Sangrur have come together again for a noble cause.”

He said the purpose of the rally is to create mass awareness against the threat of drugs and to wean young people, who have become victims, away from it, according to an official press release.

Using the adage “a dormant brain is the devil’s workshop,” Mann said that with more job opportunities, there will be no place for drugs in society.

“Our social bond is so strong that any seed could sprout in the land of Punjab but never the seed of hate. And when our health and spirit are fit, we will set the state together on a trajectory of growth high,” the CM said.

He said that in the coming days, more such awareness initiatives will be taken to promote the physical and mental health of the people.

Mann said his government is working on many plans to eradicate drugs from society, in addition to opening more rehabilitation centers and clinics for better treatment of drug addicts.

He also expressed concern about the depletion of groundwater, saying the water and air had been polluted.

Mann said his government will launch an awareness campaign to motivate farmers to diversify their crops to restore soil health.


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