Boris’ 10-year plan to stop illegal drug use

PROTECTION: The project aims to protect young people from drug gangs. CREDIT: West Midlands Police

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will present his new 10-year plan to end illegal drug use next week. Saying nothing is off the table, Johnson intends to use sanctions and fines commonly used in tackling other crimes.

Speaking to The Sun, Johnson said “we need to look for new ways to penalize users. Things that will actually interfere with their lives. Promising record funding to fight drug-related crime, Johnson is reportedly considering a wide variety of penalties and sanctions, including taking passports and driver’s licenses away from people. He is apparently also considering football-style travel bans and much tougher penalties.

The proposal follows the release of Dame Carol Black’s report in July, which has already seen the government establish a new unit to tackle the problem. Drug use in the UK is estimated at £ 9.4 billion, with over 300,000 opioid or crack users regularly using drugs and around one million cocaine users. The total cost to society is said to be in the order of £ 19bn per year.

Drug use in the UK has increased by over 80% over the past 10 years as police have struggled to break down county gangs and deal with drug addicts. Johnson hopes his new proposals will go a long way in solving this problem, especially since he intends to provide additional funds to local authorities most affected by the problem. This could see cities and towns like Liverpool, Blackpool and Middlesborough receiving a big financial boost in their efforts to deal with the problem.

In outlining his new plan to stop illegal drug use, Johnson is likely to face some opposition from those who believe a different strategy is needed. There will also undoubtedly be obstacles to overcome in order to make the laws themselves legal, as some of the proposals may well be found to be illegal in other provisions of the law.

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