BCSO’s Special Investigations Division gets more illegal drugs and guns off the streets


LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) — Friday might have been April Fool’s Day, but the Bay County Sheriff’s Office means business when it comes to getting illegal drugs and guns off the streets .

“It was a bust. It happened on March 30 when we ran an undercover operation,” said Ruth Corley, public information officer for the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

Special Investigations Division officials say Steven Stottlemyerf of Lynn Haven attempted to sell a trafficking amount of Meth to an undercover narcotics investigator.

“We were able to take him into custody and it was at a residence on Minnesota Avenue in the Lynn Haven neighborhood,” Corley said.

Stottlemyer’s home was later searched with a probable cause warrant. Inside, investigators found Fentanyl and a wide variety of other illegal drugs.

“A fair amount of methamphetamine, a precursor to GHB which is the date rape drug, we found a lot of pills that were possessed without a prescription, and we found drug paraphernalia, pipettes, things like that to they smoke,” Corley said.

Investigators said a disturbing amount of firearms were also found.

“It was about ten firearms and ammunition. Some of these people are convicted felons, so of course it’s worrisome, very worrisome to have guns, but in the possession of convicted felons,” Corley said.

Convicted felons Mark Elking and Jessie Patrick were also arrested inside. Now officials want to remind you of the dangers of experimentation, especially with Fentanyl.

“Adding Fentanyl to the mix of narcotics, illegal narcotics that are being sold is deadly. It’s deadly. There’s no organization, there’s no one regulating how much you get and what mix you get. you’re buying,” Corley said. “It could be way more than your body is used to and the result is an overdose and we may not get there soon enough with the Narcan to bring that person back from a overdose.”

Investigators said Stottlemyer’s home was also within 1,000 feet of Mosley High School.

“So you have kids walking past that residence all the time and those people might get in touch, or get to know them, or entice them to buy. It’s just very concerning something like that in our community anywhere, but especially near a school of course,” Corley said.

The three arrested will face multiple drug and firearms charges.

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