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The McCracken County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people in connection with two drug trafficking investigations Thursday night. At a news conference Friday afternoon at the McCracken County Courthouse, Chief Deputy Ryan Norman said the illicit substances seized during the two investigations had a street value of approximately $250,000.

Norman said the drugs seized in the two investigations included crystal meth, suspected fentanyl pills, marijuana and synthetic marijuana.

The sheriff’s office hosted the press conference, where some of the seized substances were on display, and streamed the conference live on their Facebook page so community members could get an idea of ​​what the illegal substances looked like, Norman said.

“We also want to raise awareness, which is one of the main reasons we do it, what these drugs look like so parents, grandparents, friends can all be on the lookout to protect our friends, our family and especially our children,” Norman said. mentioned.

Norman pointed to the appearance of fentanyl and said the sheriff’s office found varying amounts of fentanyl mixed with blue pills resembling oxycodone.

During the first investigation, detectives from McCracken County and Marshall County Sheriff’s Offices arrested Fabian Thomas, 32, and McKayla Emery, 21, both of Mayfield, at a gas station on Benton Road.

During the investigation, detectives seized crystal meth, suspected fentanyl pills, marijuana, synthetic marijuana and money police believe was proceeds from the sale of suspected illegal drugs . Police obtained a warrant for the couple’s hotel room in Marshall County, where detectives recovered more than two pounds of crystal meth and other drugs, the sheriff’s office said.

In a separate investigation, detectives from the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office arrested Ronald McClure, 35, of Paducah, outside a South Ninth Street home after police said they received a tip that McClure was in possession of a large amount of crystal meth, in addition to McClure’s outstanding stock. parole violation warrant.

Detectives searched a rental car and an apartment and said they found approximately 2.62 pounds of crystal meth and cash believed to be proceeds from the sale of illegal drugs, according to the sheriff’s office.

Thomas, Emery and McClure were all housed in McCracken County Jail.

Local agencies participated in both investigations, including the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, the Hopkinsville Police Department, the Paducah Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Norman said the sheriff’s office also wants to help people with substance use disorder through the Badges of Hope program. He said if a person voluntarily goes to the sheriff’s office or tells a deputy on duty in the field that they want treatment, the deputies will take the person to a treatment center for free.


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