Adolescent Drug Use Declines Nationally, Drug Awareness Rises Locally


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a recent national study of 50,000 students in grades 8, 10 and 12 in public and private schools refuse to consume alcohol, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin.

Optimistic conclusions, leaving mother and coordinator of the Save Our Kids coalition in Bowling Green, Amy Stillwell, thanking the communities involved.

“We put a lot of effort into our law enforcement, our schools. Plus, I think we get into things a lot earlier at a younger age,” Stillwell said.

But just because teens say no that drugs stay out of our area, especially crystal meth, according to Tommy Loving, director of work for the Warren County-Bowling Green Drug Force.

“Last year we grabbed over 11 pounds, so that’s an 800% increase we’ve seen in crystal meth,” Loving said.

And as methamphetamine users switch from methamphetamine to crystalline methamphetamine when it travels from other countries, the dangers of use are much greater.

“We have never seen a methamphetamine drug overdose death before the advent of crystal meth. It actually caused two deaths last year,” Loving added.

Coming from a man currently struggling with drug addiction, Jesse Young says using it changes your life forever.

“I was addicted to intravenous heroin and also took crystal meth,” said Jesse Young, Men’s Addiction Recovery Campus supervisor and peer mentor.

“Every time I took drugs it changed the way I felt. It started out as something like I like the way it feels, and then became a slave to it,” Young added.

As Jesse Young reflects on his battle with methamphetamine, he wants others to know that there are other ways to solve problems than turning to an illegal substance on the streets.

“It’s so readily available because of the amounts around, the purity. Learn to love yourself. It’s an important thing, because you can’t show love to someone else if you don’t. don’t like it, ”Young said.

Decreased drug use among adolescents by increasing drug awareness.

For those who use or sell drugs like methamphetamine, Bowling Green-Warren County Green Drugs Task Force Director Tommy Loving says you envision 10 to 20 years if they get caught with the drug.


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